Quiet Voice

Molding your tree branch onto watercolour paper and pouring of acrylic ink. Makes for a fun, creative day.

In His Sight

In this workshop, you will use watercolour to create a moody sky and a rugged cliff. With several demos and warm ups, this course is good for new and intermediate painters.

Arizona Landscape

Capturing dramatic coloour in your Arizona landscape. Come and experiment with rich colour forms to set the mood.

River Run

Experiment with nature. Using watercolour you will a beautiful scene including a river, rocks and sky. Each element will have a demo and individual instructions so you will have a beautiful painting at the end of the day.

Mouse Power Landscape And Floral

Using cobalt blue, permanent rose and cad yellow - experiment with these three colours to create amazing moods. Demos and warm ups will provided for this workshop.

Good for beginners and intermediate painters.


Using molding paste and tools, you will mold your landscape. Watercolour and acrylic paint will bring your landscape into a new dimension. Along with demos and warm ups, you will be able to expand your creativity.

Abstract Play, Go For It!

Using a multitude of textures to create a funky piece of art, you will explore with molding paste and acrylic paint and acrylic ink. Go for it!!

Glorious Trees

In this workshop you will have illustrations on how to uses horizontal and vertical lines to create your glorious trees uing watercolour and acrylic ink.

Around The Bend

With the use of curved and straight lines, you will create a unique visual on your winter landscape. The use f watercolour and acrylic ink will create a dimension to your work.