Joan Bontje Watercolour Artist Chapters Indigo

Joan is an artist with over 25 years of experience painting in a variety of mediums. A continuous desire to evolve leads her to combine a diversity of mediums and techniques. Her love of nature is obvious in the lush colours, and flowing movement in her paintings. Her deep desire to grow as an artist has resulted in her recent work, which has a fluid, textural appearance. As a highly experienced and successful Workshop Facilitator, she thoughtfully creates and presents new courses that allow students to discover their individuality.


Joan has focused on her art and workshop presentation for over 15 years. Painting allows her to personally reflect and create from the journey of her life. Her love of nature - its peace and beauty - is obvious in her work. She currently uses inks, acrylics and watercolours to express emotions and nature. Staying open to the process allows her to take advantage of chance shapes and images as they occur. The layering and co-mingling of media and texture allow her to produce paintings that are fluid and evocative.



Teaching students the basics of any technique has always been a priority for Joan. She creates step-by-step instructions for classes so that participants can achieve success. With her support and encouragement, she guides them to finding their own individual style. Whether she is teaching youth or adults, her focus is on assisting others to master technique and progress as individual artists.

Her art demonstrations are simplified and focused on problem solving. She makes sure to meet the needs of each individual at their own level of expertise. Her approach is obviously appreciated as she often has entire classes returning for her new series of workshop offerings.



Observing the impact of bullying issues over the years, Joan illustrated and wrote a book to encourage and motivate personal change. For over 7 months, she pursued and overcame the challenges of self-publishing her book Jenny Loses Her Marbles. When her book was first placed on the shelves of the Children’s Section at Chapters, she appeared in the Ajax store to demonstrate her painting style and exhibit her newest works.